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Subject: Request for clarification

Hello all:

Brian E. and I are in the final process of disposing of comments on the
TA Spec 1.0.  There are a few issues we need to have clarified.

1) In the section that lists Normative References, we have received
several comments asking for URL's to the references.  

"RFC 2119
W3C XML v1.0 Second Edition Specification
ISO/IEC 14662: Open-edi Reference Model
ISO 11179/3 Metadata Repository
ISO 10646: Character Encoding
ISO 8601:2000 Date/Time/Number Data typing"

The problem I forsee in fulfiling this request is that URL's are subject
to change.  We do not wish to make the document dated.  

recommend:  Do nothing more that the above"

2)  We accidentally released the previous version as v 1.0.  Obviously, 
the final version should be 1.0 (after the disposition of comments from
the last review cycle and voted on by the plenary in Vancouver.)

What do you suggest we number the next version as?

3) We received some comments (from one only individual) asking us to
redraw certain shapes on our diagrams in different shapes (eg. - square
to a circle, barrel to a square).

We feel that becuase this is the request of one individual only and
there is no explanation of his reasons for such a request,  that it will
be left as is.


Thank you for replying ASAP.

Duane Nickull

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