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Subject: Re: CC Specifications submission

The Quality Review team have completed their review of the set of documents from the joint
Business Process and Core Components teams as submitted on February 16th 2001. Whilst these
documents have been submitted separately we consider them so closely inter-related as to
require review simultaneously.

The Quality Review team have a number of technical concerns that would normally prevent us
from recommending this material for public review.  However, our recommendation is that these
documents go forward for public review, but only after a significant amount of editorial
improvements are made.  This recommendation has only been made to minimise delays in the
review process.  The concerns of the Quality Review team regarding technical content will
need to be addressed as part of the first public review process.

For the sake of expediency and consistency, we would ask the Business Process and Core
Component team to nominate and empower a single document editor who can co-ordinate with the
Quality Review team and apply the editorial changes identified as soon as possible.  Once
this has been done, we will recommend the revised documents go forward to public review
together with our comments regarding their technical content.

A copy of our full report together with our editorial comments is attached to this message.

"Lisa M. Shreve" wrote:

> Hi All,
> Attached is the formal submission of the Core Components Project Team
> specifications, which were turned over and accepted by the QR team last
> Friday morning.
> This is being sent out to the steering committee listserv in compliance
> with the ebXML review process.
> A special thank you to Tim McGrath, in advance, for his assistance in
> converting these to the required PDF format before these specifications
> are sent out for public review.
> Cheers,
> lms
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                        Name: BP and CC submission Ver 1.0.zip
>    BP and CC submission Ver 1.0.zip    Type: Download File (application/x-zip-compressed)
>                                    Encoding: BASE64

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142


BP and CC Requirements Traceability Matrix.xls

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