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Subject: Re: revised requirements


> Here is the revised requirements document.  It benefits from the few
> comments I have received plus other improvements.
> In the next day or so, we will be asked for our input to the ebXML
> requirements.  It would be helpful if people could review the attached and
> provide comments very soon.

The requirement document seems to focus on the TPA between specific two
parties. In real business, however, more than two parties are involved
to do business. We need to deal with multiparty TPAs as you pointed out
in your presentation.

Do we need a TPA among three roles?  Or do we construct it by combining
TPAs between two roles?

I think it is an issue we should discuss in the WG. There is a
description about multi-party business relationships in the requirement
document. But it is not clear enough for me.


Hirotaka HARA, Dr. Eng.
Senior Researcher
Software Laboratory
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.

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