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Subject: Re: Trading Partner Agreement definitions

I think this is good to break out the definitions.
But, what does "designed to be used for Commerce" mean? This is the
distinguishing factor between  PA and TPA. So, if we do this,
we need to indicate more specifics...........

Concerning Party Profile, it seems to me that the correct model needs
to be in context of BP and Service interfaces. I believe:

1) A Party fundamentally supports 1 or more BusinessProcess
2) A BusinessProcess supported by a Party is associated to one or more
which except Documents.
3) Associated with a ServiceInterface are TechnologyCapabilities (some
interfaces may only
be contacted via email, etc).

So, maybe:

"A PartyProfile is information about a Party that can be used to determine
supported BusinessProcesses and associated ServiceInterfaces, along with
TechnologyCapabilities for each ServiceInterface."

Scott Hinkelman
Senior Software Engineer, IBM Austin
Emerging Technologies, SWG
512-823-8097 (TL 793-8097) (Cell: 512-940-0519)
srh@us.ibm.com, Fax: 512-838-1074

"A.J. (Tony) Blazej" <ablazej@openapplications.org> on 09/10/2000 03:52:07

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Subject:  Trading Partner Agreement definitions

This is helpful - once you all [the experts] agree, this should be made
of glossary!
Tony Blazej
Open Applications Group
At 03:40 PM 9/8/00 -0700, Burdett, David wrote:

>This might be a nit pick, but I do think that calling everything a
>Party Agreement" is confusing since:
>a) you might want to use the information for non-trade purposes
>b) there isn't always a prior agreement.
>I propose therefore the following draft definitions to facilitate a
>and clearer understanding:
>1. Document. A Document is any data that can be represented in a digital
>2. Party. A Party is a company, organization or individual or other entity
>that can generate, receive or relay Documents.
>3. Party Profile. A Party Profile is information about a Party that can be
>used to determine the alternative ways to send documents to that Party. A
>Party Profile may be represented as a Document.
>4. Party Agreement. A Party Agreement is information agreed between two
>more) parties that defines how they will exchange Documents. A Party
>Agreement may be represented as a Document.
>5. Trading Party Agreement. A Trading Partner Agreement is a Party
>that is designed to be used for Commerce. A Trading Party Agreement may be
>represented as a Document.

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