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Subject: Agenda for Tokyo meeting

Following are the initial thoughts for our team's Tokyo agenda.  The order
is not significant. These come from last week's F2F meeting.  This list
will undoubtedly need some pruning.  Please provide additional suggestions.

   Prioritize our detailed requirements (our Requirements spec.).  The F2F
   proposed defining Phase 1 as what we can expect to deliver for

   Initial planning for our Vancouver deliverable

   Develop structure and initial contents for the CPP; draft DTD.

   Strawman CPA definition.

   Develop and document notions for service interface definition (CPP and
   CPA) excluding flow.

   Initial discussions of service interface flow.  (Flow is sequencing
   rules or more general representation of the flow of a business process.)

   Gap analysis comparing XML representation of CPP/CPA and XML
   representation of business processs metamodel, perhaps concentrating on
   the flow aspects of the service interface.

   Initial discussions of details in Ver. 0.0 of the TP specification
   (formerly known as tpaML).

   TP team contribution to Vancouver PoC.

   Joint sessions with other teams:

     Business Process (towards achieving integration with the BP metamodel)
     Core Components (data structures in the CPP and CPA)
     TRP if needed

   Date/time and agenda for next Face to Face

Comments, please.



   Martin W. Sachs
   IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
   P. O. B. 704
   Yorktown Hts, NY 10598
   914-784-7287;  IBM tie line 863-7287
   Notes address:  Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM
   Internet address:  mwsachs @ us.ibm.com

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