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Subject: RE: Business Service Interface


	the only thing we seem to "disagree" is the use of the payload as a "source"
for "decision making".
I agree that the payload is application specific but decisions based on
application-specific data may not be taken by the application itself.
	Think to a case where you have a legacy which works independently
	of an "integration environment". The application may behave evenly
	in case if <SALARY> is > 100 USD or <=.
	But, in the context of the integrated solution, you may want to do
	something using this "rich information".

	You do not want to modify the code of your application nor the
	application will ever be able to output the necessary "command"
	for driving the BSI.
So, in such a case you could choose :
	- either to have the "BSI" to look inside the payload
	- or to duplicate some info in the payload and put them
	  at header/envelope level
In both cases, I think, the BSI should be involved :
	- in the first, of course the BSI should be able to drill 
	  inside the payload
	- in the second, somebody else (another BSI since it is the
	  only one who could build the header) drilled down in the
	  payload to duplicate the info into the header.

Does it make sense ?



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