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Subject: RE: Collaboration Services (was: Business Service Interface)


>> >This said, when I read through the "Collaboration Modelling Metamodel" 
>> >document I found myself a little bit lost. 
>> The online example might help (watch for word wrap):
>> http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/business_process/wip/ccbp-analysis/mmx/index.html 
>> (Although it really doesn't get down the level you are looking for...)

>	I think this is the "analysis" view of the BP. This is waht needs to be
>	done to fully anaylise and describe the BP from an Analysis perspective.
>	I did not find the "execution model".

Correct, it is not there yet.  The closest is the Function Service View.
There is supposed to be at least one more layer, which at one time
was called the Implementation Framework View, which is not done

>	I think that the "XML version" of a BP (not talking about the metamodel here,
>	but about the "concrete BP" modelling the trip-reservation BP, for instance)
>	would need to express the choreography in terms that should be
>	univoquely interpreted.

Sounds good to me.

>	Do I interpret correctly that you say that "Economic Elements"
>	are part of the state? 

They could be.  It depends on the kind of collaboration and
what stateful elements are required.  For collaborations like
contract negotiations and order-fulfillment-payment, they are
essential in some form - although people could disagree
on what form, and whether they need to be part of the public
logic of the collaboration or if they can remain private.

>	If yes, I tend to agree. But in the execution Model I would have
>	"something" which represents them and I would probably also
>	need "something else".

Such as?

>	In some way, deriving the "state" from the information provided
>	at Analysis time; is it right ?

I don't understand.  The structure, rules, etc would be provided
at analysis time; the information content at run time (unless
I misunderstood your point...)

Bob Haugen

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