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Subject: RE: Collaboration Services (was: Business Service Interface)


> >	If yes, I tend to agree. But in the execution Model I would have
> >	"something" which represents them and I would probably also
> >	need "something else".
> Such as?

	Some "data" that is pervasive to the BP and that changes state
	through activities.

> >	In some way, deriving the "state" from the information provided
> >	at Analysis time; is it right ?
> I don't understand.  The structure, rules, etc would be provided
> at analysis time; the information content at run time (unless
> I misunderstood your point...)

	What I wanted to say is that the "state" at execution time is
	some sort of data that is:
	- derived from information discovered at analysis time
	- and, perhaps, some other information that is required at 
	  execution time and that cannot easily be modelled at
	  Take as an example a "counter" of a loop in a business 

> Regards,
> Bob Haugen

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