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Subject: RE: Business Transaction Control Parameters (Fwd)

<Christopher Ferris>
Please see attached. I've included some comments within the document
avec <CF>comment</CF>.
As I raised in Burlington in the f2f, I think that it is clear that some of these 
BP-level requirements are attempting to solve problems in a layer of the software 
outside of their sphere (e.g. network, transport or message service). 
</Christopher Ferris>

The intent (and I think proper responsibility) of the BP requirements
is to specify features that are important to business on a business level 
without getting into how they are implemented by e.g. message service.  
Actually, Scott Hinkleman suggested that in the f2f we call these "suggestions".  
Don't think I would go that soft, but they are not meant to take
over the responsibilities of technical layers.

I think there is a crying need for a clear ebXML protocol stack
definition, which Scott and Jim Clark and I (and others) have been 
trying to clarify in fairly similar ways.

-Bob Haugen

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