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Subject: 24 hour turnaround remarks on RE: initial draft of CPP-CPA Specification

Hi Marty,

I am following through on the 24 hour turnaround for remarks,
which thankfully means that there are not a lot of them

I think we have a good start here but we have a substantial
number of issues ahead of us. 

I think the general statements of direction and architecture
are good. Could we ask QR to focus on those for their review
if they are to do one?

Many details remain to be ironed out or at least explained 
to me so I understand how the CPPs aid in arriving at a CPA
that promotes interoperable end to end (app to app) collaboration.
(I don't think we will be able to guarantee much beyond transport,
document exchange, and possibly security level interoperability
of course.) 

I attach my comments below.


24hour turnaround.doc

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