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Subject: minutes of jan-17-2001 con-call


Richard Bigelow
Chris Ferris
Marty Sachs
Dale Moberg
Henry Lowe
Brad Alexander
Scott Hinkelman


- initial draft of spec has been published. Contains only
CPP section. CPA section is being authored presently

- we are beyond the established approval cycle deadline for
initial QR review for consideration in April

- chris gave update on the results of the TR&P face2face in London

- Marty indicated that at the Steering Committee meeting, the
location of the April ebXML meeting had not yet been settled,
but that it would be on the east coast of the US.

Discussion of comments against v0.1
- Dale 
	- probably needs to be xref to timing attributes... it was noted
that the elements exist under the relble messaging as well as under transport.
Some discussion as to whether the tags are needed in both places.

The members on the call agreed that the TransportTimeout element and
its children should be removed from Transport.

- Richard 
	- NonRepudiation element has child EncryptionAlgorithm
The members of the call agreed that this element does not belong
and should be removed.

- Dale & Scott
	- discussed the issue of expressing choices in CPP
we may be confusing things because we are tryin to accomplish
both CPP and CPA 

lengthy discussion as to how to support choice in a CPP

- Marty
	- for first pass on CPA chapter, we want to get something
out soon but that is consistent with the CPP section and then work
the two together.

- Scott
	- raises issue as to whether we have the "negotiable" aspects
of a CPP modelled. Should be an open issue.

- Chris 
	- raised issue of inclusion of FTP since there is no TR&P
"binding" for FTP planned. Team consensus seemed to be that we
keep it. Marty will leave what's there, but it needs work! Volunteers
to provide input will be accepted;-)

- Dale volunteered to try to come up with a proposal for describing
send capabilities.

- Dale - mentioned that he has some problems with the ServiceBinding
under the Role element.

- Scott
	- some discussion of whether CPP/CPA should "include" a BPM
specification or simply point to it. Scott is not convinced that the
"thick" CPP is necessary.
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XTC Advanced Development
adr:;;One Network Drive;Burlington;Ma;01803-0903;USA
title:Senior Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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