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Subject: Comment and question about CPP/CPA Spec.(version 0.1)

Followings are our comments and questions about CPP/CPA Spec.(version 0.1)
from XML/EDI standardization committee organized by ECOM in Japan.

1. I recommend to insert graphical presentation in the chapter 6(System
Overview). The presentation chart may be titled “Building procedure of CPA
with Repository”, which describes how CPA is build by both CPPs in the

2. There is a description of “DUNS number” in the example of CPP document.
I think DUNS number is only a example as naming system, maybe we can use UCC
Communication ID, EAN Partner identification code, or Japanese JIPDEC/ECPC
So I propose to insert the following description or something in the
“It is capable to use identification code specified by ISO6523 (Structure
for the identification of organizations and organization parts)”

3. There are HTTP, SMTP, FTP as transfer protocol specification.
Does CPP/CPA Specification support only these 3 protocols?
Remarks(1): There was VAN-EDI tag in the document “Proposed Tags to be
included in CPP and CPA”
Remarks(2): IIOP(Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) is supported by TRP.

4. It is hard to read the structure of XML document(The example of CPP and
CPA Document in the Appendix). Because several sentences are separated to
two lines.
Is there any method to fix this trouble?

Yukinori Saito

Yukinori Saito
Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan(ECOM)
TEL:+81-3-5500-3642   FAX:+81-3-5500-3660

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