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Subject: Comments of CPP

Hello Marty/all:

In the CPP example,  near the bottom of the XML Document,  there is an
element <CollaborationProtocol> that encapsulates each business process
supported by the party ID'ed at the top of the CPP document.  Each
Business Process can have one, two or more roles defined.  In some cases
the roles may be identified by words such as "Buyer" and "Seller" (as
per the example).  Other more generic terms may be used as well such as
"Submitter" or "Receiver".

The <Roles> element near the top of the document defines a Party's
ability to fulfill a certain role within a business process.  

Becuase Business Process's can be adopted from multiple sources (who
each define their own semantics and Roles) I see a possible collision of
names used to describe roles within different business processes.  

Is it possible to keep the existing <CollaborationProtocol> structure
near the end of the CPP document however,  place an element within it to
allow the party to state which roles it supports.  The element would
have to be able to occur one or more times.


<CollaborationProtocol version = "1.0" 
                       id = "N07" 
                       xlink:type = "locator"
                       Buy and Sell 
  <!-- This role would be explicitly called out in the actual Business
Process XML document-->
  <Role>Seller</Role><!--can receive the PO as well as send them out--> 


Duane Nickull

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