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Subject: Re: service bindings

Sorry I didn't read this before my last post.  

Comments inside...

Duane Nickull

Martin W Sachs wrote:
> It just dawned on me why <ServiceBinding> should point to
> <CollaborationProtocol> rather than directly to the specification schema
> document.  See the email forwarded below.  A CPP might refer to the same
> specification schema more than once.  For example Sun might have one CPP in
> which it identifies the same business process in which it may play either a
> seller or a buyer role.  The best way to do that is to have two
> <CollaborationProtocol> tags pointing to the same specification schema
> document.
WHy not one <CollborationProtocol> element with Two <Role> elements
under it then the appropriate <ServiceBinding> element associated with
each <ROle>?

Does that work?

> Separate <ServiceBinding> tags under <Role> would identify Sun's role in
> each instance of the collaboration protocol (seller in one case and buyer
> in the other case) by pointing to the two instances of
> <CollaborationProtocol>.  Presumably there might also be similar cases with
> <ServiceBinding> under <DeliveryChannel>.



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