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Subject: Re: Synch vs asynch interplay with EEE recognition

Todd Boyle wrote:
> Businesses need economic exchange event recognition to have the
> same timestamp, and to record the same values as increments and
> decrements in their resources.
> As long as we are working off the same transaction timestamps,
> it doesn't matter to me whether the other guy fetches his stuff
> asynchronously.  We can verify we're in agreement as of 12:00:00
> or any other arbitrary moment.
> I fear that every message in the transport log might be perfectly
> sequenced, but the movements in cash, inventory etc. are not.
> Todd

This is at a quite different level than synchronous or 
asynchronous exchange of messages. Rather this is something
that the BP should rightly characterize as the point
at which an economic exchange is recognized.

As you point out, how the message is received is irrelevant.
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