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Subject: Comment on section 2.2 bullet one of CPA-CPP Change List

Section 2.2 bullet one says we need to define the linkage between role (in
the CPP) and
role in the specification schema document. I have been looking at this today
as I 
try to see how to pick out complementary roles. At present, it seems that
place to look is in the "binary-collaboration" element under the "initiator"
and "responder" attributes. 

One thing that unsettles me about this, however, is that there is no
that a binary-collaboration element be in the document. If it is absent, how
do we find the complementary roles? 

If we look at the other elements under "package," it also looks like there
no specific one that has to be there. So even if we are to pick the role
values off some other node, I have the same concern. Is this something
we can ask BP to clarify? Or do we just accept that for those
that lack binary-collaboration elements, no CPP or CPA is possible to

Dale Moberg

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