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Subject: Re: initial draft of CPP-CPA Specification

Please forward to BP since I cannot post to that list.

I would think that the order should be:

>   Transport
>   Message Handler
>   Collaboration Manager
>   Transaction Manager
>   Adapter
>   Internal business app

The "Transaction manager" is only invoked if it has been
sanctioned/vetted by the Collaboration Manager.
The "Transaction Manager" invokes the appropriate
Adapter for the internal business application
and would be responsible for the response
(if any) and any signals that are required.

BTW, you left out Network as the top (or bottom)
of the stack;-)

My $0.02,


Bob Haugen wrote:
> David Russell:
> >There seems to be agreement that the BSI performs a dual role,
> >both choreographer of the business process, as much a master of
> >business semantics as process workflow, and quite seperately being
> >in charge of isolating the actual Legacy world from the ebXML
> >infrastructure, if I may borrow words from an earlier conversation.
> >It seems to me that a single framework intended to satisfy the requirements
> >of both roles may be problematic as the complexities (brought about by the
> >myriad of permutations of input/output triggers) involved in the latter role
> >(the interface to legacy) seems to be significantly greater.
> I agree with you as to logical software protocol stack layers.
> From the "bottom", they could be:
>   Transport
>   Message Handler
>   Transaction Manager
>   Collaboration Manager
>   Adapter
>   Internal business app
> However, to do electronic business in any practical sense
> will require an integration of all of those layers, which is I
> think what Stefano intends in his BSI proposal.
> -Bob Haugen
org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XML Technology Development
adr:;;One Network Drive;Burlington;Ma;01824-0903;USA
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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