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Subject: TP teleconference minutes - Jan. 31, 2001


	Chris Ferris
	Henry Lowe
	Dale Moberg
	Marty Sachs
	Tony Weida


Marty announced, based on the Steering Committee call, that we're looking at
final approval of the version 1.0 TP spec in May.

There will be another teleconference at the same time next week.

The remainder of the meeting focused on the "CPA-CPP Changes to Consider"
document that Marty posted to the listserv on Jan. 29.  Numbered items below
are from that document.

1. Details and corrections: Marty will take care of these offline with

2 High priority and other near term improvements

2.1 Packaging and security definitions: Chris will put out a "proposed
changes memo" covering what we have to put in the DTD.  This will be a
Vancouver agenda item.
2.2 Interfacing the CPA/CPP to the Specification Schema XML document: Lots
of things with the specification schema are up in the air, for example we
need to clarify their meaning regarding optionality. Chris will contact
Karsten Riemer to iron out a list of items for discussion in Vancouver.
2.3 Synchronous Messaging: Regarding transport, Marty suggested letting TRP
work out these issues and accommodating what they come up with.  Chris
expects them to have resolution by version 1, to be finished in Vancouver.
Regarding the specification schema, Chris will work out another Vancouver
session with Karsten.
2.4 Message Time to Live: Will have to be discussed with BP team.  Remains
high priority.
2.5 Maximum Lifetime of a Conversation: Will have to be discussed with BP
team.  Remains high priority. (same as 2.4)
2.6 Send capabilities: Dale suggested putting an element for originating
protocols under transport; Chris thought it might belong under delivery
channels.  Dale will examine the alternatives and send a proposal to Chris,
who'll evaluate it and send his findings and/or revised proposal to the
2.7 FTP: Decided to leave as is for now and put on the work list for a later
2.8 CPP and CPA Id: Agreed to change from ID to CDATA.  Chris will contact
Farrukh Najmi (RegRep) to discuss the relation between the identifier in the
document and an identifier that may be assigned by the registry for storage
and retrieval.
2.9 Transport Encoding: Decided to remove.
2.10 Test and Production Systems: Chris thought this flag is not presently
in TRP.  Decided to drop item from the high priority list.
2.11 Party Element: Decided on multiple party elements, for now.
[Not in circulated document] Alternative and choices in CPP and CPA: Chris
will come up with something for discussion before Vancouver.
[Not in circulated document] CPA Negotiation: Decided to defer.  Chris may
want to see a version number within the document for tracking purposes.
3 Desirable Near-term Improvements: 
3.1 Appendix on CPA composition and negotiation (non-normative): Upgraded to
high priority.

3.2 Conversion from DTD to Schema: remains a desirable near-term

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Weida

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