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Subject: Re: Comments

duane wrote:
> I have a general comment.
> IN order for the ebXML Core Components to be contextually driven by
> Geographical location, the information must be available to an
> application.  The "party" schema referenced by the CPA must be expressed
> in XML syntax in a way that is universally understood by other ebXML
> applications.
> I therefore suggest that the CPP and CPA adopt an inline "party" schema
> for now or define and use an external one with the qualifier that it may
> be superceded in the future (versioning).
> I don;'t forsee how to implement context driven core components without
> this important piece of information.
> DUane
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Given that CC won't likely have any documents approved I don't see
how we do this. Besides, a link is as good as an inline representation
as you can always resolve the link.



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