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Subject: more amendments and revised XSD, DTD and sample docs


This section (below) also needs to be added, probably just following the current
section 7.1 in part to address some of the schema and instance document validation
concerns raised by Scott and others.

I had sent something similar to TR&P and I thought I had also sent something
similar to the TP list, but I guess not;-)

I have also attached URLs for a revised XSD and DTD for our spec. I would also suggest that
to avoid confusion, that we produce a version of our spec for the final review
that has a version identifier other than 0.941 just so that we avoid any
possible confusion with previous incarnations of same.


These revised schema and samples include the messageOrderSemantics
attribute of the ReliableMessaging element. I have also checked that they
can be loaded into IE5.5.



	7.2 schemaLocation attribute

        The W3C XML Schema specification[XMLSchema] that went to Candidate Recommendation
        status, effective October 24, 2000 has recently gone to Proposed Recommendation
        effective March 30, 2001. Many, if not most, tools providing support for
        schema validation and validating XML parsers available at the time
        that this specification was written have been designed to 
        support the Candidate Recommendation draft of the XML Schema specification[XMLSchema]. 

        In order to enable validating parsers and various schema validating
        tools to correctly process and parse ebXML CPP and CPA documents, it has been necessary
        that the ebXML TP team produce a schema
        that conforms to the W3C Candidate Recommendation draft of the XML Schema
        specification[XMLSchema]. Implementations of CPP and CPA authoring tools
	are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to include the XMLSchema-instance namespace 
	qualified schemaLocation attribute in the document's root element to indicate to 
	validating parsers the location URI of the schema document that should be 
	used to validate the document. Failure to include the schemaLocation 
	attribute MAY result in interoperability issues with other tools that 
        need to be able to validate these documents.

	At such time as the XML Schema specification is adopted
	as a W3C Recommendation, a revised CPP/CPA schema SHALL be produced that SHALL contain
	any updates as necessary to conform to that Recommendation.
        An example of the use of the schemaLocation attribute follows:

	<CollaborationProtocolAgreement xmlns="http://www.ebxml.org/namespaces/tradePartner"

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