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Subject: Re: Explanations about examples of CPP/CPA based on CPP/CPASpecification V1.0


My responses to your questions are embedded below.



Martin W. Sachs
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
P. O. B. 704
Yorktown Hts, NY 10598
914-784-7287;  IBM tie line 863-7287
Notes address:  Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM
Internet address:  mwsachs @ us.ibm.com

Yukinori Saito <y-saito@ecom.or.jp> on 05/16/2001 09:44:04 PM

To:   TP-Team <ebxml-tp@lists.ebxml.org>
cc:   "EDIgr)H.Sugamata" <sugamata@ecom.or.jp>, "EDIgr)K.Mizoguchi"
      <mizoguchi@ecom.or.jp>, "EDIgr)K.Wakaizumi" <waka@ecom.or.jp>
Subject:  Explanations about examples of CPP/CPA based on CPP/CPA
      Specification V1.0

I made brief explanation documents about examples of CPP/CPA based on
CPP/CPA Specification V1.0.
I revised some descriptions of explanation documents that were indicated in
Vienna meeting.
If anyone noticed some comments about these explanation documents, please
let me know.

Followings are my doubt about CPA example.
(1)The contents of Service element of both companies are different each
One (for buyer) is 'uri:example.com/services/buyerService' and the other
(for seller) is 'uri:example.com/services/sellerService'.
Is this possible?

MWS:  The service element refers to the service facility of the party under
the service element list listed.  The values of the service elements of the
parties may be the same or different.

(2)Communication protocol of company '123456789' (buyer) is HTTP and SMTP.
Communication protocol of company '987654321' (seller) is HTTP only.
Is this correct?

MWS:  The CPA example in the published specification shows that the
protocols of both parties are HTTP only.  One party has transport N05, the
has transport N35.  In the CPP, there is a transport N08 which has Receive
HTTP and
send SMTP but this is not used in the CPA.

MWS: There is another problem in the CPA.  One Override element references
channeId="N08" and one DeliveryChannel element references transportId
="N08". Nothing
in the CPA has an ID attribute with value "N08".  In addition, the same ID
value cannot be used on two different elements.  The parser should detect
errors. This will not be fixed now.  It should
be on the list for fixing later by the OASIS TC.

Best Regards from Japan,
Yukinori Saito
Yukinori Saito
Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan(ECOM)
TEL:+81-3-5500-3642   FAX:+81-3-5500-3660

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