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Subject: FYI: Pretty printing of CPA and CPP xml-file using XSLT

Hi All,

I have just released the first set of XSLT stylesheets for pretty 
printing of CPP and CPA xml-files. The "XSLT tool" is released within 
the Open ebXML project.

The implementation is a Proof-of-Concept and I stopped before working on 
the graphics and layout because I think it would be useful to hear what 
others have to say before putting too much work on layout details and 
explanation texts.

Im particular interested in comments on:
* the concept as such
* usefulness of short "Popup" explanations (move cursor over 
questionmark icon)
* usefulness of multi-language long explanation (accessed through popups)
* ideas of other useful features

In the plans for next release are similar stylesheets for Business 
process specifications xml-files.

XLST tools home page:

Downloadable files:

Discussions relating to Open ebXML XSLT tools are prefarable held in the 
"openebxml-devel" mailing list.

The stylesheets have been implemented with Apache's Xerces and Xalan but 
should work with more XSLT processors.


/        Anders W. Tell   ,   Financial Toolsmiths AB         / 
/ email: <anderst@toolsmiths.se>  <http://www.toolsmiths.se>  /
/ BML: http://openebxml.sourceforge.net/Projects/BML/bml.html /

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