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Subject: RE: ebXML Transport, Routing and Packaging Requirements

i think the addresses should also include the email address and our
packaging, at least until we figure we can't do it, should also allow for
non xml contents, to help with migration from older implemenations.  best
regards, rik

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Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 6:19 PM
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Subject: ebXML Transport, Routing and Packaging Requirements

Looking through the initial evaluation that Henry Lowe produced, I realised
that it might be helpful if we had more "flesh" around what these
requirements actually mean. So I've drafted up a document that takes the
original list we produced at the workshop and attempted to put some clearer
definitions of what each of the "one-liners" actually mean. If we can agree
these defintions we should be able to make a much more accurate and fairer

Anyway I'm sure that the definitions I've come up with are probably
incomplete and certainly they can be improved by your collective expert
reveiw, so please let me have any comments/suggestions you have.


 <<ebXML Transport Requirements.pdf>>

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