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Subject: Re: ebXML Transport, Routing and Packaging Requirements

Hi David,

Just got this and haven't read the attachment yet, but you're 
absolutely right in stating that the requirements list needs 
a tad more detail.  I had trouble deciding what some of the 
requirements meant in doing the preliminary requirements/CORBA 
table I circulated yesterday.

Thanks for doing this (will read now),
At 04:19 PM 11/30/1999 -0800, David Burdett wrote:
>Looking through the initial evaluation that Henry Lowe produced, I realised
>that it might be helpful if we had more "flesh" around what these
>requirements actually mean. So I've drafted up a document that takes the
>original list we produced at the workshop and attempted to put some clearer
>definitions of what each of the "one-liners" actually mean. If we can agree
>these defintions we should be able to make a much more accurate and fairer
>Anyway I'm sure that the definitions I've come up with are probably
>incomplete and certainly they can be improved by your collective expert
>reveiw, so please let me have any comments/suggestions you have.
> <<ebXML Transport Requirements.pdf>> 
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>1600 Riviera Ave, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA
>Tel: +1 (925) 941 4422 or +1 (650) 623 2888; 
>mailto:david.burdett@commerceone.com; Web: http://www.commerceone.com

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