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Subject: RE: Tele conference call


I thought the Call had originally been for Thursday, 20 Jan., but 
didn't notice the change of date -- called in only to be told the 
passcode was invalid.  A real person finally came on the line and
told me the Call was for Friday.

Question: are you supposed to enter the passcode "EBXML" on the 
phone keypad, i.e., as 32965?

'til tomorrow,
At 08:06 AM 01/20/2000 -0800, David Burdett wrote:
>They are the same one and it is for Friday 21st at 8AM PST. The reference to
>the one today (1/20) was a mistake.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Philippe De Smedt [mailto:pdesmedt@ecom2ecom.com]
>Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2000 6:45 PM
>To: David Burdett
>Subject: Re: Tele conference call
>Sorry to bother you. I have an announcement for an ebXML Transport
>conference call for tomorrow, Th. 01/20, 8AM, and another one on Fr. 01/21,
>8AM. Are they one and the same? If so, which one is the "real" one? Thanks
>Philippe De Smedt
>ecom2ecom, Inc.
>1288 Pear Avenue, Suite C
>Mountain View, CA 94043
>(650) 625-9700 ext. 120
>(650) 625-9701 (fax)

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