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Subject: RE: Conference Call

After looking at both lists I believe the differences, which Dave points
out, are scope related. I think Rik's
list is the longer term overall deliverables of the group that were
discussed during the meeting, whereas Daves are the more immediate steps to
be taken. For example, steps 1,2,3 from Dave's list are needed to meet Rik's
"Message" deliverable.

I agree with Dave that we must identify the specific "short term"
deliverables, responsible parties and process used to complete all our "long
term" deliverables. However, we cannot attack all long term deliverables at
once, we must arrange the deliverables in a logic order. How do you eat an
elephant - one bite at a time! It appears to me that our first long term
deliverable (from Rik's list) is "Message" and Dave has provided several all
of the "short term" steps to take leading upto that deliverable.

I am prepared to assist in the gap analysis contained in steps 1,2,3. I'm
also willing to work on step 4 as necessary.


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From: owner-ebxml-transport@lists.oasis-open.org
[mailto:owner-ebxml-transport@lists.oasis-open.org]On Behalf Of David
Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 12:54 AM
To: Rik Drummond
Cc: Ebxml Transport
Subject: RE: Conference Call


Can I suggest that on the conference call on Wednesday we resolve some of
the differences between the "next steps" that you presented in your
end-of-conference presentation that you gave on the Friday morning and the
list of activities that as a group we developed the previous Thursday
evening when you were attending the steering committee meeting.

>From your presentation you suggested the following:
o Produce: a STRAW-HORSE paper:
	- API example
	- Reliable Messaging
	- Message
		. Structure
		. Headers (bqm, e5, xml messaging, other)
		. Security
	- Protocol/Choreograph
o	Implementation on Network Transports. Several documents e.g. for
SMTP, HTTP, Corba, etc

Whereas in the meeting the previous evening we developed the following list:
0.	Incorporate final changes identified in Requirements and Definitions
documents to produce V 1.0 draft of the Requirements and Definitions for
"public" consumption
1.	Identify other standards/protocols that we need to analyze

2.	Analyze the standards/protocols to produce a document that
identifies gaps and overlaps in the definition of their message structures
and content. Process:
2.	Analyze the standards/protocols to produce a document that
identifies gaps and overlaps in the definition of their message structures
and content. Process:
	 build initial list of data that needs to be in the message header
and other parts of the message, based on one protocol (to be selected)
	 individuals with good knowledge of each protocol under review
annotates initial list with gaps and overlaps
	 annotated lists consolidated into a single document/list
3.	Based on the consolidated list/document from 2, define a
syntax-neutral definition  of the data that needs to be in a Message Header
and other parts of the message that can be mapped to the protocols analyzed
in step 2
4.	Define template sequences for the exchange of messages that can be
used specific business protocols, for example: request, acknowledge, checked
ok, full response
5.	Liase with other ebXML groups, especially Repository, Core
Components and Architecture to ensure consistency and that their
requirements are met

I think it important that we come up with as soon as possible:
o an agreed set of deliverables,
o a development process to follow that leads to their completion, and
o named individuals to carry out the required activities



-----Original Message-----
From: Rik Drummond [mailto:drummond@onramp.net]
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2000 10:09 AM
To: Ebxml Transport
Subject: Conference Call

I don't think anyone could host the call this week, so I will.

Date: 		Wednesday, 9-Feb-00
Time: 		11:00am est
Name of call: 	ebxml
Reservation number: 14386766
host: 		rik drummond
access code: 	5622719
dial in number: 	303.248.1416 in the USA

Rik Drummond           /
CEO Drummond Group     /
v: 817.294.7339        /
f: 817,294.795         /
www.drummondgroup.com  /

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