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Subject: Interim meeting location + my dates


Having just seem the info for the Brussels meeting, it made me 
think that perhaps we should have the interim meeting at CEN in
Brussels, too (not where they are proposing for the full ebXML, 
but at CEN itself in the center of the city) -- I'm sure they 
would be happy to provide the space (unless all their rooms are 
booked for the dates we want).  This would be convenient for 
those located in Europe and me (at least tentatively).

As we discussed, the last week of March is probably out due to 
IETF in Adelaide, Australia.  I have a speaking engagement for 
4 April, so that week is out for me unless it's in Europe (Brussels 
would be great!).  The week of 10-14 April is out for me (at least 
tentatively), also.

While I hesitate to mention it to a WG with so many abstainers, 
they have good beer in Brussels ;-)

Best regards,

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