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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: XML Messaging

Requirements for XML Messaging
Another recommended guideline for recovery?
- Carry out a Transaction Status Inquiry (TSI) for the Transaction. TSI might have an optional IncludeResponse (Yes | No).
- If the result of the Inquiry is not ("Not Known" or "In Progress" (should include "Not Yet Started" as well?)) then the first Message was received and processed but the Message in Response did not get through so include the Original Response (is it always available? if not, create another one) within the result of the Inquiry back to the Inquirer.

XML Messaging Data Items

A Transaction can be canceled by the sender of a Request Message by sending a Cancel Message to the same destination as the Request Message before the Response Message for that Transaction is received.
What if Response was sent before Cancel is received? Is this up to the implementation of the Choreography?

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