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Subject: Agenda for Thursday ebXML Conf Call

	Conference Call agenda for March 2, 2000

	New business
	old business
	conference call hosts through rest of march
	interim meeting logistics
		- Date for meeting set
		- logistics of meeting
		- who should attend
	John I - header research and discuss direction

	Status and outstanding actions

> ACTION Individuals with knowledge of particular protocols should update
> John Ibbotson's paper and post to list. RESULT - information received from
> Messaging, RosettaNet
		- ACTION John I - post URLs for  MQ Series - Outstanding
		- ACTION David B - post URLs for XML Messaging - DONE 
		-  ACTION everyone to read XML Messaging specs
		- Definition of Transaction - various folks to complete
definitions as follows ...
> 		b) "EDI" transactions (TBD) - ACTION Dick B to do
		- Publishing Requirements & Overview Document on ebXML web
site - Rik to report

		- ACTION: Dick Brooks to bring in support from Jerry Brown
of Sabre
		- ACTION: Review status of activity next conference call

> IETF & ebXML
		- What's the progres on merging the ebXML and IETF efforts
in the area of Messaging - Rik to report
		- Relationship to other inititaives, e.g IETF B2BXML BoF in
Adelaide - David Burdett to report

	Closing discussion:
	What is the content/scope of our first deliverable to be produced in
time for Brussels meeting
	Additional editors assigned / team breakout - what are the teams?


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