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Subject: Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call

Regarding the EBXML Transport/R/P conference today, my understanding is
that the group is pursuing a mime-based envelope structure? I mentioned
that at the EBXML Requirements teleconference, which happened to be
immediately after the TRP teleconf, and they weren't happy about that
direction and hoped the TRP group will revisit that decision. In
particular, it was suggested that there is an EBXML requirement for all
EBXML specifications to be compliant with W3C technical specificatons.
(Though Mike Rawlins said that the transport may be an exception.) I
cite the relevant section from the EBXML Requirements document, which is
to be released to the full EBXML body for review this Monday.


1.2.1 ebXML Vision
The ebXML vision is to deliver:

"A single set of internationally agreed upon technical specifications
that consist of common XML semantics and related document structures to
facilitate global trade."

This single set of ebXML technical specifications will create a Single
Global Electronic Market.  To create this single global electronic
market, this single set of ebXML technical specifications:

 - is fully compliant with W3C XML technical specifications holding a
recommended status,  
 - provides for interoperability within and between ebXML compliant
trading partner applications,
 -  maximizes interoperability and efficiency while providing a
transition path from accredited electronic data interchange (EDI)
standards and developing XML business standards, and
 - will be submitted to an appropriate internationally recognized
standards body for accreditation as an international standard.

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