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Subject: Re: Re(3) Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call

> I think that a useful metric would be to take the
>  various requirements (like embed JPEG)
> and then count up how many modifications and
> adaptations are needed to implement
> the functionality in the xml- purist approach and
> then contrast them with what is needed with
> the diversity-tolerant approaches.

Yes. I hope that would be the purpose of what some people might mean when
they say: "Do Technical Architecture early. Examine your highest priority
risks first." We might assume that projects that find and confront those
risks at an early stage have better chances of succeeding then the other way
around. Also, very often we talk about performances, but without any
relevant requirements and prototypes that explore those requirements. Just
one recent link that might be interesting:

> But, it is a little disappointing to get HTTP,
> with its ability to transport binary data,
> and then build back in
> base64 encodings because we want to
> stash JPEGS in an XML message body.

Agreed. This was more in a "is it possible or not" category, not in a
"solution" category.

Best Regards,

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