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Subject: RE: Re(3) Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call

<quote from="Dale Moberg">
Doesn't anybody
think that this is an early warning sign that
everything is looking like a nail because we are
only allowed to use a hammer?

YES!  You have expressed very cleanly exactly what has been bugging me
throughout this entire discussion.  The web *freed* us from relying on any
one transport protocol.  We  now seem to be walking completely away from the
paradigm shift (when was the last time you heard that!) that led us to the
place we are now.

-- Roger Glover 
   Norstan Consulting 
   * E-mail: Roger.Glover@NorstanConsulting.com
   * Office: +1-612-352-5718 
   * FAX:    +1-612-238-5718 

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