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Subject: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE (was) RE: Regarding the Thursday ebXML Conf Call

Message text written by Nikola Stojanovic
Messages might need to include other messages (possible recursively). In
that case one of the possible candidate solutions was to put lower level
envelopes inside the higher level payloads. If you don't treat payload as
XML content then how you parse, handle, ... your payload? And sometimes 1)
your payload needs to (embed, reference, ???) large files.



What?  Please!  We're not building a mission to Mars here!  KEY, I'll say
that again, KEY, is KISS.  Recursive messaging - OK - maybe in Version 5.0,
but we're talking here of Version 1.0 of a technical specification that
to be implemented globally.  One huge reason for XML getting to this point
so far is consistent, simple components and implementation.  That's what
XML V1.0 brings.  Everyone whines that they need this, and that, but EVERY
pieces of featuritous comes at a HUGE cost in incompatiblities between

Let's fix the obvious stuff, first.  I believe very strongly that
we have most of what is needed already - just a case of creating simple
consistent mechanisms using the 'ErectaSet' of XML building blocks.  Not
creating new dubious complexity.  

That's why I'm so VERY concerned with the current W3C XML Schema
proposal - particularly the MAXOCCURS/MINOCCURS mechanism - and 
all it will bring in in-built structure clashes, failed interchanges,
error conditions and confusion.  This costs companies $Millions in support
and fix-it costs that we have to be painfully aware.  If not, one year from
now you'll be hearing people saying 'I told you it would never work, they 
promised too much and delivered chaos'.

Check out the eDTD white paper available from http://www.bizcodes.org/

Take the first twenty ideas you think of - and then pick just the top 5
you must have, then figure out what that means for the writers of parsing
components and consistent behaviour across platforms.  Then stop there!

Thanks, DW.

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