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What?  Please!  We're not building a mission to Mars here!  KEY, I'll say
that again, KEY, is KISS.  Recursive messaging - OK - maybe in Version 5.0,
but we're talking here of Version 1.0 of a technical specification that
to be implemented globally.  One huge reason for XML getting to this point
so far is consistent, simple components and implementation.  That's what
XML V1.0 brings.  Everyone whines that they need this, and that, but EVERY
pieces of featuritous comes at a HUGE cost in incompatiblities between

I am very glad that you raised this issue. I like the KISS principle very
much. Even more then that; you might look at:
http://www.digiserve.com/mystic/Taoist/glossary.html (t'ai-chi, wang-chi and

Regarding concepts like: Simple, XML and Simpleton you might look at:
and embedded link that might lead you to a very interesting effort.

BTW, I just did something that might be seen as Recursive. And it was
Simple. I included in "this" msg body reference to another msg.

Messages might need to include other messages
Here include could be "by reference" or "by value" or ...

As in: http://www.xml.org/archives/ebxml-architecture/msg00123.html

The business need drives the technical solution requirements as it should.

We are businesses out there. We all need our solution (ebXML) for our
problems. Some problems might be very Simple, as just putting a reference to
another msg in "this" msg as I did above, and some might not be that Simple
(t'ai chi just showed up again?).

Best Regards,

"I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make
it short." -- Blaise Pascal

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