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Message text written by Nikola Stojanovic
BTW, I just did something that might be seen as Recursive. And it was
Simple. I included in "this" msg body reference to another msg.

Nikola - simple inserts are not a recursive mechanism - you know that!

In fact if one of the inserts contains an insert to the original document -

that is clearly an error.

Recursion at the level of the metamodel itself is what is problematic.
Of course it is doable - but I caution that in version 1.0 this is not a 
requirement.   We also have to look hard at the business justification.
All of current EDI exists without recursion.  It's hard to think of
buying a book from Amazon.com.....

If you can show a cast iron real life B2B business transaction use (not
that mandates recursion (cannot be done easily with iteration) then I would
be more sympathic.


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