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ebxml-transport message

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Message text written by "Michael Champion"
- Target Audience: ebXML should be targeted to the ordinary business
programmers of the world, not "people whose DTD skills [an XML expert]
respects very much" if it is to succeed in the marketplace.   Ponder the
success of HTML, Visual Basic, XML itself, etc.: all these can be used
effectively by virtually anyone who is computer-literate.  Contrast this
with the non-success of SGML, LISP, etc.: technically superior but
for the ordinary person to use quickly and effectively.

>>>>>>>>>>> Importantly as well - using nothing more than a simple editor
                          and a browser;  not complex visual tools that
create incompatible
                          content attempting to lock the user into one
vendors product over 

These arguments apply to XML Schema as well as to ebXML; I personally hope
that the W3C refocusses that effort on finding the 80:20 point (for the
e-business world) NOW and achieving the rest of Schema's lofty goals in the
next release.  Assuming that they do not, ebXML would be well advised to
find such a point themselves, or to use a simpler schema language (and let
people use XML Authority or whatever to translate to the W3C spec when



Lasering in on the key points.


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