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Subject: Re: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE & W3C Schema

--On 5/3/00 12:21 PM -0500 David RR Webber wrote:

> So here we have a proposal that purports to be business
> focused - but is totally off base on the business
> requirements.  My recommendation is to reject the current
> W3C syntax until the requirements more adequately reflect
> true B2B and ebXML needs.  To facilitate this may well require
> a joint technical working group, or at least two technical working
> groups with formal liaison established.....  this issue was already
> raised in Orlando at the Steering Committee and the need appears
> to be as yet unfulfilled.

David, to be fair to the XML Schema WG, the Usage Scenarios from
the XML Schema Requirements document is where W3C *expect* XML Schemas
to be used. Not that they are addressing all the concerns/needs of those

XML Schema V1.0 will provide basic and general needs for Schema
designers. It is up to communities, like ebXML, to then build on
V1.0 with their specific extensions.

XML Schema V1.0 will provide a more flexible base to build ebXML
schemas upon.

Cheers...Renato                   <http://purl.net/net/renato>
Chief Scientist, IPR Systems      <http://www.iprsystems.com>

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