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Subject: Re: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE & W3C Schema

Message text written by Renato Iannella
David, to be fair to the XML Schema WG, the Usage Scenarios from
the XML Schema Requirements document is where W3C *expect* XML Schemas
to be used. Not that they are addressing all the concerns/needs of those

XML Schema V1.0 will provide basic and general needs for Schema
designers. It is up to communities, like ebXML, to then build on
V1.0 with their specific extensions.

XML Schema V1.0 will provide a more flexible base to build ebXML
schemas upon.


Renato - I could NOT disagree more!  You know that the W3C is going to
press release this claiming its the next best thing since Viagra, and you
rub it on anywhere.

Fact is - what they have today - comes up major short in several key areas.

So when we come to do versioning in Repositories as an example - there is
NO versioning in current schema - so what to do?  We can go on down this
path - I'm very sure that Transport, Repository and Core are going to
requests for syntax mechanisms aplenty.   I'm lobbying for a ebXML
WG to help develop these so we have the XML experts honed in on doing this
the "business needs" experts in all the other WG's.  Effective use of our

But - bottom line is that this will ultimately result in needs for simple
in XML parsers that the W3C does not have.  Sure you can band-aid things -
that is EXACTLY what we are trying to avoid.  We want simple native and 
implemented features.  Think of Legos bricks - remember before Lego came
with wheels?  Sure you can make blocks look like wheels, but its a whole
more work, and does not run as well.

For this reason I'm not seeing XML Schema V1.0 as good news.  It's Lego
without the wheels and a whole lot more as far as we are concerned.  It
force us to kludge things, and kludging will costs companies implementing
ebXML more money and effort than it should - and that's exactly what we
want to avoid.

Bottom line - we have to ensure the XML Schema V1.0 reflects the business
Used to be that documents were king for W3C - now business transactions are
but the Requirements for Schema do not yet reflect this as needed.  This we
to have addressed ASAP.


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