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ebxml-transport message

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David RR Webber wrote:

> Chris, thanks for this.  Also when you look at the Apache web site - one
> thing is
> major missing - Business Use Case!!!  There's tons of techie code and
> syntax, but
> nothing saying what is it that people are trying to achieve by providing
> all this?!
> Therefore you are left with a sense of this is just an intellectual
> exercise with little
> practical application.  Very scary.

  It's irrelevant what uses the authors of the Apache SAX parser had in mind for it - it attempts to comply to the SAX 2.0 spec and can be used for anything you would want a SAX parser for. Apache is not involved in defining XML specs, just providing open source implementations of them.

  My point was that there will generally available tools for handling XML Schema very soon, and you can already see the outlines.


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