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ebxml-transport message

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What group of humans? English speaking only? This is to enable what? XML
 not be seen by a human if it works.

The UN, who is sponsoring the initiative, has three official languages.
They are English, Russian and French.

It has been discussed that we may possibly adopt  a system where

ELEMENT=(EnglishTerm || FrenchTerm || RussianTerm )

The message structure should be reasonably intuitive.  This means that a
human being should be able to somewhat decifer a message.  This is very
important for manually constructed messages, error checking, archiving and
searching.  It also reduces the system architectural complexity.

In short - I am totally against using numerical values for Elements.  We do
not want to create another cryptic taxonomy.


If you encounter:

     <From>Foo Inc.</From>
     <To>Bar Corp.</To>
  <Message Type="Index">


     <Du>Foo Inc.</Du>
     <A>Bar Corp></A>
  <Communique Tapent="facture">

This is certainly more intuitive than

     <993-44321-2>Foo Inc.<993-44321-2>
     <128-2>Bar Corp.</128-2>

You get the idea.

Also - in the event that one of the elements was mal formed,  you would need
a translation tool to verify the numerical equivalent of your elements.  Not
a good Idea.

Duane Nickull

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