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Subject: RE: efficient XML

Hierarchy makes sense, recursion doesn't.  Recursion often auses more
memory to be used during a parse because information relating to an
element's extended family needs to be kept.  Of course, a hierarchy can
be recursive, which is good for a DOM-based approach (finding the value
of an element in a logical order), but it is less useful to an event
based parser.

I am not sure what you mean with recursion:

<!ELEMENT a (b, c, a)>

is not DTDable, dont know if you can specify this in Shemas, but I dont
think so.... what is possible is:

<!ELEMENT BuyerParty Address>
<!ELEMENT SellerParty Address>
<!ELEMENT Parties (BuyerParty, SellerParty)>
<!ELEMENT Address ....

and this is very usefull for Code reuse.. thats the EDIFACT Aproach and
the OO-EDI Aproach, btw.


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