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Subject: Re: efficient XML (!= recursion)

> 7.  We should avoid unnecessary levels of recursion.  Keeping the XML
> fairly flat is expected to have a nominal impact of parsing/processing. 
> My personal belief is that this will play a larger part with XML input
> trees that have many branches.

	Recursion is often the enemy of performance.  It is also a 
(code) implementors choice, often taken because it is (pick your 
favorite rationale) obvious/quick/clean/natural.

	As such, I would argue strongly that imposition of stylistic 
limits on it are inappropriate at best.  

	The driver on message structure MUST be underlying business 

	One of the perceived "weakness" in EDI is its cryptic compact 
nature.  This was driven by the effeceincy concerns of the time.  
Lets not make the same mistake so early in the process.


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