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Subject: No more Compression Please!

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
EDI, either X12 or EDIFACT, has said very little, or nothing, about
compression.  And EDI demands very little of the hardware, except maybe
a few things regarding interoperable character sets (as does XML).  So
whatever are you talking about, David RR? <


Ah, William, my favourite fan - I mislead you - I was refering to EDI's,
and especially X12's diversions into middleware, encryption, 
binaries and related sundry mechanics - worrying about what
goes on-the-wire.

As you rightly point out none of this was terribly successful and led
to many long hours and months in committee - mostly proving that
we should not have been trying to define something that for most
EDI'rs had little import.   I don;t know why you persist in thinking 
that people think that EDI *sucks* - whatever that means - is this
another acronym?  Simple Unambiguous Commercial Killer Semantics?

"EDI demands very little of the hardware" - now there's something
we can agree on as a good goal here too.


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