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Subject: RE: Compression (was RE: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE)

> nature need to be performed at a lower level than compression. I therefore
> ask why security is our concern but not compression (which can significantly
> improve security by removing redundancy prior to encryption).

I think everyone is just trying to dismiss this thread for a little while.
it is quite possible that, when decisions on security are made, the
compression issue will come up, and a methodology for
compression+encryption can be thought up at that time.  Maybe we will end
up with ZLib+SSL, or BZIP+PKI, who knows...but it won't be rocket science.
I think the key thing is that the Transport group decide on some sort of
enveloping standard, which would allow participant level decisions for
compression and encryption, maybe the format will be a simple routing
message in XML format, stating to and from + a hint as to the comp./encr.
format contained in the message body. 

Matthew MacKenzie

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