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Subject: RE: Compression (was RE: COMPLEXITY BIG ISSUE)

Message text written by "Solinsky, Jason"
> Can we further agree that compression is a red-herring!!!

We are planning (as I understand it) to create standards for the use of
encryption and authentication. Encryption and authentication by their very
nature need to be performed at a lower level than compression. I therefore
ask why security is our concern but not compression (which can
improve security by removing redundancy prior to encryption).



Gah! (exasperated)

Again - the level of this is similar to RosettaNet and OBI's definitions.

We're are about 5 levels below this in this discussion to date!

Think BUSINESS FUNCTIONAL - not bits and bytes.

Please drill back up and start talking business functional on this.

Ideas:  enveloping metamodel to provide authentication - look at
Biztalks persistent storage model - then think that this needs to be
transportable - not local and proprietary.


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