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Subject: Very Rough Draft of Header Specification


I attach a very rough draft of the Header Specification. The roughest area
is probably the Data Dictionary as I know there are inconsistencies in this
section when compared with the Header Structures section - the latter is the
more accurate and over rules what is currently in the Data Dictionary - it's
just that I've run out of time and thought it better to get this to
everyone a day earlier so that you can read it.

The way the spec was developed was:
1. Identify the data requirements from our requirements documet
2. Do a quick review of the header classification work that John I did, to
see if there were any gaps.

What we absolutely must do (but haven't yet) is to do a rigorous comparison
of this spec with other specs (BizTalk, AS1, AS2 etc) to make sure that we
can map between them. This should then give a migration path from these
standards to the approach we are developing.

John Ibbotson is also planning to do a sample DTD so that we can see how
this all fits together

PS If anyone wants a PDF version please let me know.
 <<ebXML Message Header Specification v0-10.doc>> 

Advanced Technology, CommerceOne
4400 Rosewood Drive 3rd Fl, Bldg 4, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA
Tel: +1 (925) 520 4422 or +1 (650) 623 2888; 
mailto:david.burdett@commerceone.com; Web: http://www.commerceone.com

ebXML Message Header Specification v0-10.doc

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