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Subject: Re: Very Rough Draft of Header Specification

I attach for reference the Open Applications Group message format,
which they call a BOD (Business Object Document). The name of
this file is BOD_Architecture.doc and it describes each field of
the header and body of basically all OAGIS messages.   

The header of OAG BODs is called the CNTROLAREA.  It contains 
elements that are relevant to transport, in its SENDER area.

OTOH, there is no addressee or routing information in OAGIS. 
There is no transport solution at all, in OAG afaics.  The OAGIS 
spec to BizTalk repository and are a typical payload intended
to be carried within a BizTalk envelope.

Please advise me either here or by private email if this kind
of posting is inappropriate here.  I'm not an OAG member but I have
worked implementing OAG in several accounting domains.  OAG has
the only XML DTDs or schemas on the planet for General Ledger and 
some other key functions,


At 06:44 PM 3/14/00 -0800, David Burdett wrote:
>I attach a very rough draft of the Header Specification


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