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Subject: Conference Call - Meeting Announcement 3/23

The next conference call meeting of the ebXML TR&P group will occur as

When: Thursday, March 23
Time: 11:00 AM EASTERN time
Telephone Number: 1.608.250.9281
Passcode: 356588
Lines: 4 European, 11 U.S.
Duration: 1.5 hours


- Old Business
- New Business
- Further discussion of header recommendations (25 minutes) John I/David B.
- Strawman vote of header recommendations (if feasible)
- Further discussion of packaging recommendations (25 minutes) Nick K/Dick B
- Strawman vote of packaging recommendations (if feasible)
- Discuss requirements for prototype (25 minutes) Nick K
	- Discuss which use cases to consider implementing
- Wrap up

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