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Subject: Message Header Change List


I think we need to start getting some change control on the Message Header
Spec so the attached contains a list of suggested changes extracted from
various emails that have been recently received. It contains three sections:

1. Suggested Changes. i.e ideas for changes that anybody raises
2. Agreed Changes. i.e changes we've agreed to do
3. Completed Changes. i.e. changes that have been incorporated in to the

Suggest we review the suggested changes in Thursdays conference call

 <<ebXML MHS Changes 1.doc>>  

Advanced Technology, CommerceOne
4400 Rosewood Drive 3rd Fl, Bldg 4, Pleasanton, CA 94588, USA
Tel: +1 (925) 520 4422 or +1 (650) 623 2888; 
mailto:david.burdett@commerceone.com; Web: http://www.commerceone.com

ebXML MHS Changes 1.doc

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