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ebxml-transport message

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Subject: ebXML Header Issues

Here are the issues on headers I raised and we briefly discussed on the 3/30
phone call

1) How is the ebXML 'Trace' information to be enveloped?

2) How is an 'empty payload' represented?

3) May an ebXML envelope be embedded in some other MIME envelope?
     - A subissue here is what processing is done on the ebXML as it
traverses a communication path.  For example, suppose the ebXML payload
includes an ebXML envelope, and within the header of that envelope ebXML
tracing is requested.  Is that inner ebXML envelope 'transparent', such that
no trace is done so long as the envelope remains nested.  (I think it is
trasparent).  Whatever the answers, we need to be precise in our processing

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